For our history fans!

Our Company History:


 Jay began logging in 1971 when he worked for Pete McCoy Logging for one year.  After that he went to Alaska and worked in logging camps for two years.  Jay returned to Astoria and worked in rigging for McCoy and Howard Johnson for the next three years.

In 1978, Jay fell timber for Johnson, then formed a partnership named Coast Logging.  With Coast Logging, Jay worked for Crown Zellerbach for three years and then added a yarder, thinned and clear cut. 


In 1984 Coast Logging worked for Burlington Northern on Mt. St. Helens for a year. In 1985 Jay separated from Coast Logging to create his own company, J.M. Browning Logging, Inc.

J.M. Browning Logging, Inc has been headquartered in Clatsop County ever since. With a focus on production and environmental impact, Browning has excelled for over 20 years.